EE acting sick help!!


Jul 30, 2020
She is not a laying hens yet, but it is the wonder months here haven't had any snow but some pretty cold days, I let all my hens out today to free range since the sun was shining and noticed she wouldn't come out of the run a little bit later she did come out but moved very sluggish and kinda stood in one spot, now she's up in the coop by herself, her coloring looks good still, but she does have like yeasty poop I noticed, what's wrong with her? And what can I do??
Check her crop - is it swollen and mushy? After a night without food, it should be flat and empty.
When is the last time you dewormed everyone?
If she’s not of laying age, I would suspect cocciadosis. It may be a good idea to treat the whole flock with Corid for 5 to 7 days (it won’t hurt unaffected birds).

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