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Apr 22, 2011
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I'm new to Ameraucanas and Easter Eggers and purchased my first Ameraucana pullet and Easter Egger pullet early this year. Today, I got my first egg from the EE, and it's not blue-green or green but white-speckled brown! I was obviously mistaken in my belief that EEs always lay blue-green, green or greenish eggs! I also have three 5-week old EEs in the brooder and now I'm wondering what the color spectrum is for EEs. I'm also wondering what I should expect from my Ameraucana when she lays. I purchased her from a local breeder and have been anticipating blue eggs.
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Color varies greatly for Easter Eggers.

Seven years ago I had Easter Eggers that laid extra-large eggs of all different rich shades of turquoise blue green eggs. Beautiful eggs. I loved the variety. I do not know what hatchery they are from.

I moved states and got Easter Eggers again, from Ideal Hatchery this time, two years ago. Their eggs were a true pale blue, no green, but so pale almost white. I was disappointed - so much more boring than the varied rich darker and brighter shades of blue-green. But having read all the demands on here six years about how people wanted true blue eggs, not turquoise, from Ameraucanas, I see how the hatcheries must have responded to that and bred for no shades of green or blue-green - which didn't really matter anyway as they are not real Ameraucanas. And lost a lot of size to the egg in the process, resulting in medium to large size eggs from the birds I had. I think they "make" their EE by crossing 'canas with white egg layers to get pale blue, instead of with brown egg layers which gets turquoise. I like the new Olive Eggers - stunning egg colors!!

Some hatcheries advertise their EE eggs as different shades of blue, green, pink, brown, and yellow.

Also. A hen's first egg sometimes does not look like what she will be laying for the rest of her life.

Statistically, your other hens will lay colored eggs.
Since EEs are mixed breeds they can lay any color egg. It depends on each bird's particular ancestry. Most will lay a greenish egg, but certainly not all. I have one that lays a pure white egg and another that lays a pinkish brown egg. A pure Ameraucana will lay a "blue" egg, although the exact shade of blue can vary.
@wingsofglory - That helps a lot. I actually like the white-speckled brown egg but it's not at all what I was expecting, and I really would like to see some shades of blue and/or green from my other girls when the time comes. I'm looking for variety, not any particular shade. I look forward to seeing what the other girls will lay, and maybe Ophelia's eggs will change color over time. This first egg was large and lovely - again, not what I expected.

@Meara - I had no idea white was even an option! It's going to be a bit like Christmas, seeing what's inside each package. Fun!

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