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Well, once I got there I pretty much knew that I wasn't getting all Ameraucana chicks like the breeder had stated, but he did have a few True Ameraucana hens along with some EEs. So now I have 14 chicks (completely fine with EE chicks btw, otherwise I wouldn't have bought them) But I'm trying to figure out if any of these babies are from a True Ameraucana hen. The breeder said the chicks ages range from a week to a couple days, from multiple mothers, but he had incubated them all. I saw eggs in the incubator, all were light blue in color except for a few larger brown (from his RIR) and tiny eggs from his Seramas. Maybe you guys can help me figure out if I have any True Ameraucana babies here or all EEs :) Thanks!

Chick in question #1 Chippy, for obvious reasons :] probably EE

Chick #2- (Silver/blue) Trooper (this little guy wasn't in the greatest health at first)

Chick #3a Romeo


Chicks #4 and 5 Penny and Copper

Chick#6 Jagger

Chick #7- Aztec

Chick #8a - Milly

8b. Milly

Chick#9 Lucy

Chick #10


Chicks# 12 & 13

Chick #14
Well, an Ameraucana breeder will almost always have a few Easter Eggers to cull or sell since an Ameraucana that is off the APA (America Poultry Assoc.) SOP (Standard of Perfection) is considered to be an Easter Egger. You won't know which of your chicks are Ameraucana or EE's until they feather out into their adult plumage and show their traits. Then you will know if they are APA SOP birds or not. So, does this breeder breed to the APA SOP standards? If he/she doesn't then you have a good chance of them all being Easter Eggers.
Just FYI, a lot of times the lighter colored ones with lot's of white turn out to be roosters..sometimes but not always so keep an eye on Chippy, Romeo, and Milly.
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