EE Frizzles, NN Frizzles, Booted Black Copper Marans, Blue Marans.

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    Ok. Please do not hit the BIN button. I will update the page as they sell. I have lots of eggs int he hatcher now and they sould be hatching This Wed/Thur. I will have

    Black Copper Marans, French and booted. 7.00 each

    Frizzles (Barred Frizzle roo over three NN hens) 3.00 each .The roo also carries the NN gene but is not NN.

    EE Frizzles (Same Barred roo over 5 Ameriuana hens) 3.00each The roo also carries the NN gene but is not NN.

    Blue Marans (BCM booted roo over Blue Marans hens.) 5 each. Some hatch Blue some Black.

    Shipping is set at say 30.00 for USPS priority mail and will go out on Friday. I drive them to the PO around 5 and the truck leaves at 6 from their office.

    At this moment, I can not say how many of each I will have since they are in the hatcher now. So....When I get an order of half the eggs for the breed I will post. So..... I can fill 12 BCM, 12 Frizzles, 6 Blues. After that I will have to do a waiting list for them and see what hatches.

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    Sep 8, 2010
    genetic line of Copper Marans?...PICTURES of DADDY(s)...MOM (S)??......................take 10..providing THANKS

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