EE x the result OEs??


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Oct 28, 2010
East Tennessee
I was told that crossing my EEs with my Welsummer roo would result in Olive Eggers...before I get excited....I could use some more feedback on this question. I have hatched some and they look like little quails!! Any thoughts??
I'm going to say maybe because I'm not sure if there is one gene or two involved with egg color. I've always thought 2. We're crossing an Ameraucana roo over Cuckoo Marans and I'm hoping/expecting some olive eggs, but I'm not going to say I 100% guarantee I'll get them because I don't know the roo's exact genetic make-up.

Egg color experts can probably tell you more and this is just limited on my part as I haven't concentrated on the topic. What I mean is if there are 2 genes at play in the hen for egg color then if one of those isn't blue.....well there goes any and all green shades unless daddy has it.

Like if your EE hen has 1 gene for blue and 1 gene for say white, she herself will lay blue eggs, but her offspring will only get 1 gene from her and one from the roo. So if that offspring gets white from mama and brown from daddy, the eggs will be a brown shade.
I did not notice until I re-read my post. My roo is a Welsummer/EE cross. I think you are correct about the need to 2 blue egg genes. I have some I hatched a month ago...hope they are quick layers as I am going to be on pins and needles til they do!!!!
Thanks so much! I work with genetics in breeding my horses but chickens are a whole different ball game!!

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