EEs, Banties, unknown... Picture overload!


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Apr 12, 2011
I am learning about EEs. Is there anyway to guess what breeds they came from? Thinking I have a pullet and a roo. But really not sure. They both are about 5 weeks old. Both have next to nothing for a comb. I am guessing they will have straight combs as it kinda looks like the have a straight ridge going on. Does this mean I will not get colored eggs?

This one has dark dark legs. Almost black legs. Pullet?





And the second one. She has yellow legs with just a touch of dark color over parts. Roo?




This one is about 4 1/2 weeks. I think she was in a pullet bin but I don't remember. What breed is she?


Wondering about this girl too. She is 8 weeks old. The one on the left. Not sure if you can tell breed from the picture or not. The one on the right should be a sussex.


And last my banties. I think these 3 are pullets. I have 2 that I know are roos. They have big combs. Wondering breed. all 3 have a greenish blue kinda colored legs. They are about 5 1/2 weeks old

This one has almost no comb. Only a few little "bumps".


This one has what I think is a peacomb. She is lighter then the other banties. Size wise looks the same but is lighter when you pick it up. The feathers also seem to be shaped different.



And last this one. Again next to no comb. And is the same weight as the first banty.




Thanks ahead of time for everyone input!!
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Your first one looks like a black australorp I dont see any muff so I dont think EE the second looks like maybe silver laced wyandotte. The third looks lik a sex link and the bantams gold and silver sebrights.The one next to the speckled sussex could be production red. I really dont see any boys on your LF yet. On the bantams the 3rd pic looks boy
The red one from the pullet bin is a cute little red/gold sex-link. They are very docile and quiet, and lay eggs like it's going to save the universe from ending.

Grats! I love mine, even if they're a bit bird-brained
not sure what the bigger ones are one looks like my production red girls and the last 3 are sebrights 2 goldens and a silver
I sure hope the first 2 produce some form of colored eggs. I they where sold to me as EEs. I can kinda see a muff. But I am pretty new to this. If I read right I want to try and find something a peacomb and muffs.

Also, on my banties. I was read that males have the rose/pea comb. I can't remember which it was. So does that mean the one that has that comb is a roo?

Also, what does LF mean?
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