Egg and laying questions


Mar 24, 2020
New Jersey
1. I went to the flock this morning to find yolk all over, idk if someone layed a soft egg bc there was no egg shell. Looks like they had a blast eating up the yolk. This would be the second soft egg and it's been a couple weeks.

2. One hen was broody a couple weeks ago and she hasnt layed any eggs yet. Idk if its stress from the other hens or just after broodiness.

3. Is it normal for hens to take a days break from laying eggs? I used to get 6 eggs everyday, now I get 3 or 4. Heat stress? Rooster stress? Pecking order stress?

If anyone could help me with this, thank you. I'm worried about the soft egg bc idk who is laying it and what I need to do to help the flock and there stress.


Scarborough Fair
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Jul 3, 2016
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2. Hens usually resume laying about 2 weeks after broodiness, but some start up again sooner, some much later.

3. Yes stress can cause them to stop laying for a while. Heat is a big one, but any other stressor can cause reduced or no laying.

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