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    Mar 21, 2017
    Hi all,
    Fairly new to chicken keeping. Our hen, Henrietta, got egg bound on Sunday. I saw her in the sun in the morning and on the afternoon when I went up she was all limp and lifeless. She must of been egg bound but had passed the egg when we got up there. She was really cold and lifeless so we brought her inside for a warm bath and have kept her inside for a couple of days now. She has really perked up and is eating and drinking. Only issue is, she can't stand up! She can move and feel her back legs but is so weak she can't hold herself up. I read online that being egg bound can press on the nerves and make them paralysed for a few days? Has anyone had experience of this or can offer advice? Thank you!
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    Welcome to BYC. How old is Henrietta? Has she been a regular layer without problems such as thin shelled eggs or odd looking eggs. What do her droppings look like? Is there any dropping that looks like egg material? I have also read about a temporary paralysis from being egg bound that can occur. There are also reproductive problems like internal laying or egg yolk peritonitis that can affect the legs, making the hen prefer to sit for long periods. Getting her close to food and water so that she gets enough while she is lame is important. I would use poultry vitamins with riboflavin daily in her water, or given orally by the label directions. Feed her a little chopped egg or canned tuna in water, and if her legs have been thin shelled, some extra calcium. Give us an update on her condition.
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    Mar 21, 2017
    Hi @Eggcessive we think she is a older hen but layed fine last year. Her droppings all seem normal and she is eating and drinking and looking about. Bought some calcium for chickens today and getting that through her to see if that helps? She still isn't standing but can sort of balance herself if I prop her up. I haven't heard anymore of egg bound paralysis and starting to wonder if I'm being cruel keeping her in her box? She is really perky and seems happy. Suppose I will give it a week before I even think ahead. Sigh - poor Henrietta!
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    Hello, I'm not sure what to think about one of my rhode island red hens. She has been eggbound once before but she made it out OK. She isn't really acting herself again. I've paid close attention to how she acts lately and noticed she kinda walks like her legs are stiff and I noticed she is the first one up on the perch at night. I noticed her crop isn't very full at the end of the day, although it does empty out overnight. Her poops are normal and she eats and drinks but she just seems like she doesn't want to jump or run around very much. I have not felt her bum for an egg to see if she is eggbound or not. I'm just saying this because this is exactly how she was acting when she was eggbound a few years ago. Just getting a little concerned.
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