Egg bound for 2 months...

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    About 2 months ago my little girl Meepers started acting strange, a little lethargic,, sitting a lot, not being her normal matriarch self. I decided to come on here and do some research,, she wasn't hunching her back or doing the penguin walk but I figured since she hasn't laid an egg in months (and she was always a big layer) that maybe she was egg bound.. I brought her inside to monitor her and started all the things a good mamma would. Warm baths every 2 hours with a good message.. She would look at me like I was crazy but she let me do what ever I wanted to her without bawking..

    After about 2 days of this she never passed anything resembling an egg broken or in tacked.. She was looking much better and she wanted to return to her sisters that she heard out in the yard so I figured maybe she was just under the weather and wanted free massages for a few days. :)
    She never got back to her mama bear personality but she wasn't looking like before so I figured lets ride this out and see how it goes..

    We live in Arizona and it's been a pretty mild summer thus far.. But this week it got hot. 116 degrees for the first time this year and it was a record breaking day. I rushed home to check on the girls, freshen their water and let them out a bit.. I found Meepers looking like she did 2 months ago. just slow to move, looking around but not wanting treats or anything.. So I let he do her thing over night and the next morning I went out there and decided lets bring her in the air and do some more research and see what we can find...
    I figured let me try one or two hot baths and massages before I go all gang busters and get the penicillin shots etc...

    10 mins in a hot bath, massages and I felt nothing... dried her off and back into the crate she went.. I heard her in the other room talking to herself. " bawk bawk bawk bawk bawk bawk bawk bawk" Very softly as if she was saying, " I'm tired of this stuff, I want to feel better, and whats with mommy having all this cool air conditioning... How dare she leave us out there to be in this heat" LOL.. I went in there about five mins after I heard all her talking and she was standing up looking at me like she saw a ghost.. Under her looked like this huge poop.. So I went and got some paper towels to clean it out and wow.. What I found was gross and interesting all at the same time...
    Seems to me she was egg bound back 2 months ago and it just never passed.. It looks like it hardened and just crumpled up and stayed inside. And then it looked like at some point she tried to pass a new egg and it got stuck. Was there for a while building up and then both infused, finally got pushed out...


    So I watched her over night and she seemed fine. This morning she was talking and up so I put her back out with the girls.. Roo went up to her and tried to give her his impressive dance and she just kicked his butt. Was so funny.. She was not impressed with him in the least bit.. But I noticed this is my Meepers!! back to her old self that I haven't seen in months.. I missed her soooo much..
    I guess she was lucky, I was lucky, to have that bound up inside her for so long and she made it through .. Tough little lady...
    I guess I am a crazy chicken lady...

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    It didnt look like those at all. looked like eggs, just more calcified... it was hard

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