Egg bound for how long?

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    Mar 1, 2015
    Hi all,
    I'm not sure that I'm doing this correctly and I don't mean to irritate any one by posting another egg bound question/ concern. I've read numerous posts and responses about chickens that are egg bound and I've tried the recommendations yet there is limited development. My hen has had symptoms of being egg bound for about two days.Yesterday she had the "penguin" stance and I could feel at least one egg very close to her vent although it wasn't enlarged. We started with the long soaks at the first signs, massaging her belly (which is very swollen), doses of calcium, lubricating the exterior as well as interior of her vent. She's new to laying and has yet to successful lay an egg. All day I did as I mentioned above and by the evening her vent had widened considerably and I could clearly feel an egg however, she still hasn't laid it this evening. I'm not sure how long to continue this routine, if this is normal, and if she will eventually pass this egg (eggs?!) or am I making her suffer? Like I said, this is her first time laying. Her first egg the shell was paper thin. She's been eating, drinking, eating oyster shells, even pooping since being bound but I'm not sure how long to give her now. :( I've seen from 24hours to two weeks on these posts! I'm a little confused. :/ Any help or guidance is so greatly appreciated!

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