Egg bound? ( Graphic pics for the squeamish of stomach) .

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  1. I have a 2 1/2 year old Bard Rock who was getting mauled by my 3 drakes. They would chase her around until one of them was able to jump on her while the others would nibble at her exposed vent. I separated her 2 days ago, and went to check on her vent and it was swollen and I could see poop just inside her vent. I ran her inside and did an exploratory search of her vent, it seems her poop was unable to come out for some reason. I ran to get my moms phone so I could take a picture when I heard her make a strange noise. I ran back in the garage to see that she was attempting to lay an egg yet could not get it out. I wiped some gloves on and helped her release the egg, once it was out she began to bleed from her vent. I stopped the bleeding, gave her a warm bath, dried her off and put her in a little pen I made outside. Here are some pics of her while she was outside.

    Is she ok? I have never seen anything like that before, she is still having a little trouble pooping. What else should I do?
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    Well basically what was happening is that the 3 drakes were raping her. Drakes have penises, roosters do not. Chicken hens are not constructed so as to have 'objects' inserted into their bodies. You can try applying preparation H and hopefully she will heal. Separate the drakes from the chicken hens before more share the same fate.
  3. I have separated the Drakes ( I call them stupid idiots) they can't seem to figure out that they are ducks and not chickens! [​IMG]
    I will keep her separate from all the others so she won't get peeked on. Thank you for answering [​IMG]
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