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    Apr 8, 2013
    I have a young pullet who has never laid an egg and I believe that she is egg bound. She sat and pumped her tail up and down for about two days. When I figured out the problem I started trying the disks in warm water which I've done twice. I got calcium pills and gave her water with the powder in a syringe. She appeared to be near death and laying on her side. Today she is sitting up and eating but doesn't appear to be able to use her legs right. She is eating and pooping. Her droppings look normal. Her vent is distended and looks like there is an egg shape pressing against it. I've put Vaseline on her vent as a lubricant to help the egg pass. What else can I do?
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    I have read it is helpful to put her in a moist hot room and give warm water baths for at least 15 minutes. This is supposed to relax the muscles to let the egg pass.

    I have not dealt with this myself. I hope the egg can pass. If she is truly eggbound and can't pass the egg then she unfortunately will pass away. I am sorry to give this news.

    Here is what BYC's Rob Ludlow (Nifty) wrote:
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    I would suggest a lubricant like KY jelly, and taking a rubber glove to feel for an egg. Try to not break the egg, but if the egg comes out broken, take water and vinegar in a 4 to 1 ration, and squirt some into the vent with a syringe to rinse out the vent and hekp prevent infection. Here is some info on egg binding:
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    Thank you. I actually found the same website. At this stage I'm worried that Ian prolonging her misery by giving the calcium and baths. I just don't understand how she can defecate normally and have the egg stuck. Right now she is balancing herself with her wings since her legs aren't working.
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    Getting a stuck egg out can be a lot of work, but she will die if it doesn't come out. If you can, take her to a vet or get it out yourself.


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