Egg bound or grumpy?!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by natster1995, Dec 30, 2014.

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    Oct 9, 2014
    My white Campbell duck is four months old. She laid her first two eggs last night, she was fine this morning but in the last few hours she's been acting strange. She normally comes to the door whenever someone comes out, is very chatty and LOVES the odd custard cream (just the biscuit) she seems very tired (sleeping outside at the moment with her boyfriend who is a miniature appleyard). She normally eat the custard cream out of my hand but she ignored me, I put it on the floor and she turned her nose up at it. She's been waddling around like a pregnant lady. I took her first two eggs away from her, could she just be grumpy?
    How many eggs does a duck normally lay in 24 hours? She's really quiet and not herself :(
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    She could be just having one of those prissy days. Maybe she wants to mate. If she was egg bound, she would have either rapid breathing, her vent would be swollen, she wouldn't be going to be bathroom - or if she was it would be bloody. Typically you can feel if there is an egg and I had to do that with one of my KC ducks (Khaki Campbell) because one of them wasn't laying and I was a little worried. Also check for signs of her visibly straining.
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    If she has just started, she may be having some egg-laying problems. Usually, a duck will lay one egg every day or so, rarely more than one. So she may be either hiding an egg, or there could be some kind of jam-up inside.

    Make sure she is getting enough calcium, and fresh water, dandelion greens are good for them and have some calcium (though not a big supplemental dose).

    Is she holding her tail downward or pumping it from horizontal to downward? Romy was that way this morning. She was not interested in treats - until about an hour after she laid a soft egg, then she started getting a little more peppy.

    For calcium, layer pellets, free choice crushed oyster shell, or calcium gluconate 23% liquid added to feed (1 teaspoon per half cup of water, then into the feed - make sure she eats it all within a day or less to avoid mold). Or, lately I have been trying calcium citrate tablets. About 50 to 80 mg per day five days a week per duck. And for Romy, I added some Ca citrate solution to a couple of tablespoons of peas so she gets some extra extra.

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