Egg bound or just sick ???


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Sep 21, 2008
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Help.... My hen, 7 months, a cuckoo marin, 7 months, yet to lay an egg, I thought last week was the week to lay, comb turning red, squatting for us...
She became quiet, stopped eating, messy, I cleaned her rear twice in a warm bath this week, feathers coated in yellow smelly poo ? or was it a broken egg ??? only eats yogurt, doesn't move around too much, is not on the roost, but sleeping in the wood shavings.....
Thinking I should put her in a carrier in the house so she is warm ??? Help..
If it were me I would bring her inside the house, so that she stays warm and you can give her a dark place to rest.

Have you checked in her vent to see if there is an egg, or maybe remains of an egg.
I don't really know how to check the vent... when I gave her a bath it looked healthy from the outside, but I did not intrude further..... I'll bring her in now.... heating pad too under half of the carrier ?
She might get too hot with a heating pad, you might want to try it, but give her enough room to get away from it if she needs to.

What's the temperature in your house? If it is 70+ she should be fine.

To check the vent you'll need a rubber glove, to protect her from germs. Some mineral oil or wheat germ oil. Gently feel around inside her vent.

You can also boil some water and put a tea bag in it. Hold her vent over the steam (don't hold too close it will burn her). This will relax the vent muscles if she is egg bound.

Does she seem to be in any distress? Will she eat? You can boil her an egg and if you have some yogart give her some of that.

Do you have ACV?
Thanks... I'll crank up the heat a bit.... give her a good nights sleep... wait till morning for direct heat, and yes, I do have Apple Cider Vinegar ... had to look that one up, but get the ratio.... Hoping I don't need to check the vent... maybe morning TLC will do ? her comb is pale, she seems light... she is a sweet one... Hope she makes it... : (
After heating her bum for a half an hour, I put her in the coop run, put the others out to forage in the yard, left her with a bowl of yogurt and oatmeal, she just stared at it. She walks steadily, but her tail is not high. Her poop is watery yellow, her comb is still pale. She is so thin! I will add ACV to the water.

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