Egg bound?


8 Years
Apr 18, 2011
I Have a young EE hen about 8 months old or so. She was perfectly fine 2 days ago. Yesterday I went to check on everyone and found her sitting on the ground. She poked like she was having trouble walking and sort of waddled around. I took her in and looked her over. She is one of the roosters favorites and is missing most of her feathers on her back. I did find an injury on her side where it looked like the skin had been scraped down by a rough mating... but looks scabbed over and dry so I don't think it's infected and don't feel this is the reason for her odd behavior.

He face is really red not pale. She just wants to sit. If she walks it's a waddle. I don't see her pushing like she is trying to lay tho.

I gave her a warm bath for 30 min. I gave her some liquid calcium by mouth . I also used a small syringe (no needle) to put some lubrication up her vent. I however didn't feel any resistance like and egg in the way.

This morning she had pooped two times during the night. Not interested in feed or water. Just sitting calmly . No other sign of sickness...(no watery eye, good weight)

He waddling is what makes me think egg bound...and the face she was perfectly fine just a day before

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