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    The story- I bought 2 Araucana (PB) hens about 3-4 months ago not sure of age but not POL. The smaller one of the two started laying straight away and has continued but is now just on a break, the second larger one hasn't laid a single egg up until about 1 week ago and I thought "yes finally, she has started to lay" but since then she hasn't laid a single egg but every morning she will go up into the nest boxes and sit there for a bit and I will go off hoping that when I return I will have a wonderful green egg but to no prevail.
    One time I saw her on the nest and thought not to scare her of so I left and when I came back down about 4hrs later all that was left in the nest she was in was a brown egg, now I know EE's can lay brown eggs but I don't think it is possible for my Araucana to lay a green egg then a brown one, unless you can prove me wrong.

    With the information that I have here can you tell me if she is egg bound. If she is then how can I test it and then treat her for it??? I have heard that a warm bath will help some how[​IMG], but she is a hard hen to handle and is very scared of humans so I'm prepared to handle that but it might just put her of the lay I we fix her up which could then lead to me getting worried we haven't fixed the problem. But if any one could help me at this current stage that would be great.
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    Why do you think she is egg bound??? You can check her by feeling her abdomen for an egg or stick your finger up her butt (gross I know).
    If she is hard to handle, putting a towel around her while you are expecting her keeps her from flying away, and keeps her calm. Warm bath and massages are usually what gets the egg out. Sometimes though you have to try a different treatment.

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