Egg Boxes -Anyone order from them????


12 Years
Aug 20, 2007
I made an order thru them and it came in REALLY quick. Problem is, they sent me the wrong cartons. I called and the girl said 'Well can't you just use the ones you got?' I explained to her I wanted the flat tops for my labels and she then said 'I don't take care of that stuff, you;ll have to email my dad'.
So I emailed him and have yet to hear anything. I am not too happy right now since I have these orders I need to fill this week coming up and NO cartons.
Anyone else have any experiences with them?
I emailed them again but still nothing. I guess if I haven't heard from them I will call again on Monday morning
Me too. They got here super fast but this is what happened to my face while opening...


I've ordered from them before.The same flat top cartons,with no problems.Maybe try to call them this weekend? It's been awhile since I ordered mine,but I do remember them saying the cartons are made in a plant in NW Louisiana somewhere.I noticed you're in Ark, maybe you could drive there & pick some up if you're not too far.

Good luck
Ok so I am not pleased at all. I got an email fromt he owner who wanted me to call him so he could correct the order.
I call him and he says they don't have the flat top boxes which are here: Unless I order 2000. I said well your website has them and thats what I ordered. The guy proceeded to question me on why I needed the flat top bc "can't you just use what we sent, they work for a dozen eggs" I explained again that I made labels for the flat top and thats what I ordered. He tells me that he will sell me the ones I ordered for $17.50 in 30 days, but I still paid for the ones I DIDN'T I am out even more money plus I got cartons I don't want and have to wait for the ones I do.
The guy basically argued with me on the phone for 10 minutes.
I am not doing business with him again.
He also said I could just ship them to another customer and when they got them he would refund my money. WTH?!
The problem was with

I was going to oder from them (honest) but not after your post.

Sorry about you having trouble with them and thank you for posting this.

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