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Oct 15, 2010
I am not sure where this should be I'll ask here.

Where can I buy cheap egg cartons? I won't be selling eggs but will likely be giving away a bunch.
Have your family and friend save them for you before you know it you'll have enough. Especially if I were giving them away I'd expect cartons in return.
I use They always have the cartons I buy with free shipping, whereas the other place doesn't usually. The nice thing about the other one, is that you can buy smaller quantities.

Just my two cents.
The cheapest you can generally find online in smaller quantities is around 25 to 30 cents a carton. Then there are shipping charges... I buy from when they have free shipping, but it is still expensive. We use new cartons for some purposes and used ones for others.

If you are giving eggs away, just use clean, used cartons. Lots of people save them, just ask around.
Wow, they are expensive on, more expensive than the same ones sold at Agway individually.

I'll put the word out to neighbors to save cartons their cartons.
quite often people bring them to our local poultry auction and they sell them as a "lot" instead of for an individual price. You can usually get them pretty cheap. just keep an eye out if you have a poultry auction near you. You can post an ad on Craigslist too.
People at work like to recycle, and save them for me. You can also try Craig's List or Freecycle. Another option is to try a bakery/deli (maybe Walmart) to see if they can save them for you. I usually end up having more than I need, which is a good thing

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