Egg covered in diarrhea

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    This afternoon when I went out to check again for eggs, I found one green egg covered in runny diarrhea. I tossed it, as I don't believe the bloom could have been dried before it was hit with this mess. It has been cold here in northern Ohio (low 30's) but not as cold as it has been (teens). All the chickens have been too...chicken to go out in the snow for the past 3 days, but they all seem to be eating fine. I can tempt them outside the coop to eat the kids leftover spaghetti and green beans! But they go back in when they're finished. Other than the lack of being outside, nothing has changed. They all eat Layena by Purina, any leftover lunch (spaghetti, chicken nuggets-I know, hard to think about!). For the past 2 days I've noticed loose stools on the droppings board under the I've narrowed it down to my two green egg layers as to which bird was making the deposits.

    Any clue as to what could be causing this? What can I do to help eliminate the runny stools/dirty eggs. Thanks for any advice...this is my first year and winter with chickens:)
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    stop the leftovers for awhile i'd imagine
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    I deffinatly agree. Vegetables are better for chickens as leftovers but lay off the spaggeti a little [​IMG]
    Give them more pellets or crumbles

    And chicken nuggets?! [​IMG]
    Never thought a chicken could eat that :hmm

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