Egg cracked too early!


May 25, 2020
I’m assuming this isn’t going to end well, but want to help in any way that I can.

We had a healthy baby chick hatch in our coop (sat on by 2 hens). She’s doing great. This afternoon, I found a chick that was clearly not ready to hatch on the floor of the coop. Yolk & some organs still visible. Heart is beating. The other chickens must have water her shell bc it’s gone.

I read to put a moist towel around it (besides beak), so i did that & it’s under the heat lamp now. Any other ideas? It’s
breaking my heart 😭
I am very sorry to say she most definitely will not make it. If there is still some shell intact you can put it back around her and hold it together with melted wax. Because of the temperature extremes, exposure to bacteria and a thousand other factors her chances are pretty slim. Don't give up trying to save her but also don't get your hopes up! I'm sorry.............

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