Egg Explosion????

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    Came home from work yesterday and opened the door to the house and almost lost it. Thought I would throw up at the door my house stunk so bad!!!! Come to find out that on of the eggs I had just put in the incubator had Exploded in the incubator.... Held my breath and tried to clean up the stinking mess. This is very hard to do since I do not want to leave the incubator opened too long. Got most of the egg out of the incubator but there is still some below the turner. Decided to place the incubator on the back porch, it is nice and warm outside so I don't think I will have a problem with the temp. One thing that I have noticed though is the Humidity has gone up from around 40% to around 50%. Anyway it is not coming back in the house until I can clean it after the hatch is over. Hope some of the eggs will still hatch out. Today is only day 10.

    Has this happened to anyone else on here?
  2. it won't hurt the eggs to sit for an hour out of the incubator while you clean it.. just make sure you don't use any harsh chemicals that will leave a residue or odor in the bator when you replace the eggs.. Broody hens will often leave the nest for hours at a time and their eggs still hatch just fine

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