Egg hatching. Should I help?


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Apr 16, 2014
HI all, this is my first post. I have been browsing the site for a long time but today I need some help. I am in the process of hatching 4 eggs. Today is day 24. 3 of the 4 hatched perfectly, however #4 is not making progress.

Egg 4 is currently alive because I can hear her cheeping. I believe this is a malpositioned hatch. The pip did not occur where it should have instead, it was on the tip of the small end. I can see chick move inside and I can hear the Cheeping. There were no abnormalities during candleing that I could see but again, I am a rookie. This is my first hatch.

How long should I wait before helping this chick? I chipped away a bit of the shell around the pip and tried to peal the outer liner to get a peek. There was a small amount of blood from the edge of thetear so I stopped and the blood did too shortly thereafter. I have read the thread by sunshine and I am just not sure what to do. Any ideas? Thanks


PS>. I can post a photo if it will help.
I would not help at this point. If the egg began to bleed that means that the chick is not ready to hatch. The chick cracks a hole in the shell to breathe. Once this is done the chick begins to absorb the veins in the egg. So when the egg bled that means he is still absorbing. If the chick is still chirping then you should be fine. If he stops for a long period of time you may need to help.
Sorry to hear about your loss. Something was probably wrong with the chick. Helping it at that point would have prolonged its suffering if it was not able to exit the egg. You did the right thing.

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