Egg laid?


Nov 14, 2020
Hi everyone
I have been gone all day and saw this in my egg laying box... is this an egg without a shell? And what does that mean like is the chicken who laid it having problems that will kill her eventually ?

my chickens are prone to eating their own eggs and they have just finished molting and this is the first sign of an egg
Except there is no shell left which is very odd for them to do if they ate it


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Have you checked everyone's vents?
It's difficult to tell anything in the picture but i do see what could be causing your concern. Please check vents and look to see if everyone is acting normal
when i saw that i went immediately to my three egg laying hens and looked at their butts and didn’t see anything wet or gooey.. i even went and put on gloves and checked up in their vents and didn’t feel anything really suspicious. the three were all running around and werent acting at all out of the normal.
I thought It was a bit early for them to start laying so thank you for that information and tagging people .
the three chickens are two three year olds and one that is about 5... one has respiratory problems if that means anything?
Like i mentioned before, it's difficult for me to get a good grasps on exactly what I'm seeing in the pictures. I agree with a previous poster, looks like an odd poop, but hopefully the experts will be here soon to help.
My first impression was poop, too, but on closer inspection it does look a little yolky. In my limited experience the birds don’t poop in their nest boxes so maybe you do have a little half made egg, and the fact that the girls are coming off a moult could certainly have their egg processing a bit off kilter. It doesn’t look fatal to me, but it would be good to determine who it belongs to and check her out. Make sure they have a good source of supplemental calcium and give them some time and encouragement.

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