Egg laying behaviour


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Oct 9, 2020
Hi there! Pls bear with me. I’m a newbie and this maybe long I have 3 BR. Just started laying 2 wks ago. So an egg a day. I made an addition to the coop cause I think it’s too small(pics incl). They-or one-lays in the new addition. There are 2 nesting boxings in the original coop which they don’t lay eggs in. Could it be the boxes are too small and they all won’t lay in the new area. I don’t know their laying habits. And wondering if they will only lay with ample room-maybe first come, first lay😅. If I make the OTHER nests bigger would they all lay? Or maybe the others are not ready yet. They're 20 wks. 0F29BEE4-E67B-43C3-8921-F18E792A3DD7.jpeg 18C7F078-8647-4FF4-B998-D9CD92998CC6.jpeg F91F5E7B-B22D-49C1-8E4F-C0D88FD29CA0.jpeg Plus I live in northern Alberta Canada 7 hrs natural light but I’ve put daylight bulbs in 12hrs. Thanks so much for your help!

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