Egg-Laying Stops After Tetracycline?

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    Feb 23, 2014
    I have a small backyard flock of six chickens, and after two of my hens recently developed what seemed like mycoplasma gallisepticum (sp) symptoms, I treated the whole flock for 10 days with water soluble Tetracycline (obtained at Farmer's Coop & suitable for cattle, swine, poultry & sheep).

    The sick chickens have recovered, but my hens have TOTALLY quit laying eggs. They all stopped laying about one week into the treatment and haven't started laying again yet now that we are one week or so past the last day of treatment. I've gotten one or two odd, undersized eggs with very soft shells but that's about it. Nothing else.

    Has anyone else had this happen after using antibiotics with their chickens? Will they begin laying again at some point? Is there any chance they're permanently damaged? Thanks.
  2. Totally normal and you should not be consuming the egg's personally for at-least 3 weeks after you finish treatment anyway but you can feed them back to your chickens or other animals ........ [​IMG]

    Just my experience I am sure others my very a bit ..... [​IMG]

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