egg "Mass"....what is it?


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Found an egg? this morning. Small like a huge olive. Squishy like a water balloon. When I opened it out came this yellow stuff. Had the consistency of mucousy mayonnaise gelled like. No odor. No "egg white" What is going on? What is this "egg" called?
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I am not sure which pullet it is. no photo, they are 23 weeks old. It looks like what come out of your nose when you have a sinus infection. I have recently gotten 4 eggs this week that are shell less or very little shell.
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I'd have to say the same thing. The first eggs can be weird to say the least. If the same hen keeps up with laying the shell-less or eggs with very little shell, she may have a calcium absorbency problem.
I got a weird egg today, too! The outside sort of sounds like what you described, but it has a yolk and "white" pretty much like normal. No odor either...well, except like an egg normally smells. Here are pictures that I took:


Is this anything like yours?

Anyone got any ideas about this one? Is it just one of those freak things or does this mean I have a chicken with a problem? Unfortunately, I have no idea which hen out of 14 laid this egg. It was on the floor below the roosting bar. I have 6 Leghorns, 4 Brahmas, and 4 Cochins which started laying about 1 month ago at ~20 wks of age--if that matters at all.

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my white leghorns first 2 eggs looked like that, then she gave me a shelled double yolker! That must have hurt. She tends to give a small skips 2 days then a double yolker then normal for a few then repeats. I just had another pullet give me one today like that.
Are they on a layer feed? Are they getting calcium grit such as oyster shell?

If not, they should be. So far, all of my girls have laid eggs with nice hard shells. I feed them oyster shell, free choice and have fed them whole flax seed since they were about 3 weeks old.

Good luck with them.

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