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    I have Buff Brahmas, and the past few days when I have gone to collect the eggs I have noticed that one of the eggs in each batch is cracked. It has a good thick shell, but looks more like a pecked egg to me since the crack is in the shape of a circle. Is it possible that one of the hens is doing it? Or could it just be a coincidence? They are all laying in the same box. There are 4 hens, one rooster, and 3 young Americaunas in the coop.
    Thanks for the help.

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    It could be possible that you have an egg-pecker, which is not something you want as things can get messy! This seems to be a pretty common problem and it can be cured.
    This is an article that I found a few weeks ago, it's very informative.

    If it was just an accident, the hen might've pecked curiously at the insides of the egg, and if she likes what she tastes sghe'll probably start breaking eggs for real.

    Good luck!
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