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9 Years
Aug 2, 2010
Hey All,
I've got six golden comets...they are about 6mos old. We were getting 6 eggs a day, but suddenly went to 3. We live in Maine, so I've heard that the loss of daylight will cut egg production down. I've also heard that they could actually be moulting. Do they moult at 6mos, or is it the daylight, or both. Any feedback would be awesome!! Thanks!!!
I am still learning things also, but I have never had that problem with my chickens at 6 months. The problems I have had with my flock is lack of daylight, moulting which when they start doing this they loose at of feathers and also stress can cause them to quite laying. I have such a hawk problem, I free range my chickens and the hawks are almost always chasing my chickens, but it sure has made them pretty smart to the hawks way of doing things. But I can tell when the hawks have really been bothering my flock for they don't seem to lay many eggs that day. So, I do know stress from anything can really make chickens drop egg production. Hopefully, someone with more experience can answer you question better. I hope I helped a little, but I am still learning something new everyday it seems like.
im in maine too. i have 15 hens right now and im getting 6-9 eggs a day with no added light . mine are all 12 to 16 months old. i have 6 golden comets also. they are 16 months old and i think only 3 are laying . my chickens are 6 rhode island reds, 6 cinnamon queens aka gold comets. 2 barred rocks. 1 deleware, 1 white rock rooster, and 3, 3month old rhode island red pullets.
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Yes, you're right

Though I think it is probably the light. You would notice if there were many feathers around your coop.

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