Egg Rocking Day 24 - Do I wait a day for Lockdown???


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Apr 19, 2009
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First time for hatching geese. The eggs are rocking at day 24.. should I quit turning and go into lockdown or wait until tomorrow day 25? I have shipped eggs with slipped air cells. Any advice would be appreciated. I have eggs laying down for incubation and hatch.. I hope that is right.
Hi Tia

If you go to the Incubation and Hatching Guide thread on the forum. Just look down the list of topics and you'll see it.

All the answers you need are there ;)
Thanks Pete. I will check. I went ahead and went into lockdown... which is what I would have done with my duck eggs that I am used to hatching... hope that was correct. The dropped air cells have me a bit worried.
Okay... I will put the turner back on and wait until tomorrow which will be day 25. Thanks so much as I have never incubated geese eggs before. I see the shadow, but not the internal pip.
When the aircell enlarges and dips to one side then stop turning and position the egg in the correct position. This helps the gosling manouvre into its hatching position. Leave the temperature and humidity the same while waiting for internal pipping.

You will be able to confirm internal pipping by listening for the regular clicking sound which is respiration. The visual clue is seeing the shadows of the gosling in the aircell. Sometimes you can easily make out the shape of the beak. External pipping usually follows within 6 to 24hours.

This the time for Lockdown. Goslings dont usually hatch for 28 to 30 days.

Good luck and keep referencing the guide. ;)
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