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Feb 21, 2009
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Ok so I know some of us just lay our eggs in the bator .. I also know some of us put them in egg cartons.. Then there are people that put them in turners and then in one or the other.. So my question is , what are all your guys egg set ups like in your bator , with as inventive as you all are I cant imagine its all just one or the other . Also I had a question , Could somoeone use something like this in there bator if they wanted to for the eggs
I freak out every time I turn the eggs and they roll into each other on the wire mesh floor but I dont always have egg cartons and Im always worried that sitting in a humid bator they might get bactiria or mold or something.
THanks everyone
I have a Styrofoam LG with a computer fan,

I lay my eggs pointy end towards the center in a circle and when I turn them I move them around the incubator in a slow circle, the move about one egg width each turn so about three egg widths a day, and go all the way around about twice.

This kills any chance of heat wells in the incubator changing only some of the eggs, all of the eggs spend the same amount of time in each position (about).

This also keeps them from rolling around as the touch side to side (until hatch, then it's all off).

I've had an average of 76% over four hatches, as few as 8 eggs and as high as 24 eggs.

Some of those shipped some of those my own eggs, some started in the incubator, some removed form a big fat hen who was crushing them at 2 weeks.

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