Egg shape (what causes this)


9 Years
Apr 14, 2014
So 2 of my chickens are laying eggs, small but still eggs, and I have gotten 1 double yolker and then this egg today. What causes this (the shape)? and guessing its a double also.
Opened That egg. There are 3 eggs in here do you see the double yolk??
Seems like I got the doubles more often soon after my girls started laying ... I still get them occasionally but it used to be pretty frequent .. Why you ask? ... Good question :)
Well that was the first one I have seen that shape but if you look the are four yolks in there. One is clear
I have 4 Rhode Island Red Layers. 1 or 2 of them recently began laying these odd shaped eggs. I avoid selling these eggs as I thought they appeared unusual. Someone suggested they are the result of being multi-yoked. I thought overfeeding may have been the reason. Can chickens be overfed a particular brand/type of feeding? They were reared from chicks with Southern Grain products & I recently switched to Faithway products and I wondered if that maybe the difference. Is switching from one brand to another a good idea? Otherwise they appear healthy.

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