Egg size & weight how do you balance?

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    How do you balance egg size and body size? Egg size is inversely related to body size. So in order to get larger eggs a hens body size must be smaller. Leghorns became popular because they were a light weight breed that laid a lot of large eggs.

    So when we have egg customers that want large eggs, and small farmers looking for a nice size bird that can go in the stew pot when she does not produce, you have two competing traits. So you will have a smaller egg with a larger body, or larger egg with a smaller body. While there are some exceptions for the most part egg size is inversely affected by body size.

    Take cornish for example they are a large heavy breed, but lay a small egg. But take a leghorn a small breed that lays a large egg.

    So... How do you balance egg size with body size?

    I once had call from a gentle man looking for some “eggs that would not rattle in cartons” - I had no idea other to tell to look for some leghorns.

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