Egg stuck and won't come out?

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    Ok, my only white leghorn hen in a mixed flock lay its first and only egg about 2 1/2 months ago. After that she quit laying. I noticed a discharge from her rear and figured it was vent gleet. I gave her medicine and waited 2 1/2 months but she never got better. As all of my chickens are working birds I had to put here down as she was eating and drinking but not producing. When I butchered her it looked like there was an egg stuck in her anus?

    My question; Is there a condition that will cause a chicken to get a egg stuck and block there passage?
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    Yes, it is called egg bound or egg binding, and is very common with high production hens that lay large eggs every day, and those that lay "double yolkers." If you suspect a hen is egg bound, give them a dose of calcium (a Tums, 1/2 human calcium tablet, or crushed egg shells) and put her in a very warm tub of water to help pass the egg. Egg binding can cause damage to the vent which may make her prone to more egg binding, internal laying, or egg yolk peritonitis. A chicken that is egg bound for over 2 days may die.
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    This site has some good info:

    When this happens to mine I give human calcium pills or calcium gluconate and they usually pass the egg in less than 2 hours.

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