Egg turner problems


7 Years
Jan 11, 2013
My new egg turner (1611) is turning the eggs too far to the left and they are getting stuck. Did I do something wrong setting it up or is it a faulty turner?
Did you adjust the rails at all before you started using it? If you take rails in and out you have to be careful and have them all lined up in the same angle before you hook the end back into the turner motor. Is it all the trays turning too far or just one?
This is tricky. I don't think there is much you can do with it right now since you have eggs in there. You may have to switch to cartons and manually turn if you think it may crack the eggs. Anyone else have any advice???

After this hatch, you may have to toy with it to realign the trays. When it gets all the way turned to the side that it goes too far on, unplug the turner. Undo the little piece that goes onto the turner itself. See if it will let you turn the trays to a 45 degree angle and reattach it. You will have to hold them in place while you try to reattach it. This is hard to describe without being there. :/ I'm sorry. I wish I could be of more help.
Thanks, I took it out and laid the eggs in without it. I set it up with plastic eggs in it outside of the incubator. It ran smoothly. So I put the eggs back in and so far so good! I just hope I haven't handled the eggs too much.
Please help! I just bought a new hova bator 1588. I really just needed a new auto egg turner but decided to upgrade everything. My last egg turner stopped turning making a weird noise....just bought some expensive eggs and put em in the brand new everything today and when I plugged in the auto turner it made loud clicking noises which I read was normal. Now theres no sound and in 8 hours it hasnt turned at all...its a rack of 42 and I have 34 eggs in it. I have to leave for idaho next week...please help!!!
See if the place u bought it from will sell u just the turner then let u take back the broke one since there the same just one came with the incubator. And remember to test run next time

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