Egg washing

Henny Penny s Mom

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Sep 4, 2019
Hi my girls started laying a week or so ago and I have been washing the eggs as soon as I bring them in the house and put them in the cartons then in the refrig. the farmer up the road told me not to wash them. why??? So should I or not??
It's up to you how you want to handle them. Some people wash, some don't - as long as the eggs are relatively clean, washing isn't necessary. If you do wash them, they do need to be refrigerated as washing removes the bloom that's the natural bacterial barrier on the egg.

I don't wash but I do refrigerate, just so eggs stay good as long as possible.
Hi! they don't need to be washed. It isn't bad to wash them, but if you do they need to be refrigerated. Another thing is depending on how many hens you have you can fill up a fridge pretty fast :lol:.I keep my clean eggs on the counter with no problems. If they are dirty they get washed and go in the fridge.
I don't wash mine unless they're dirty which doesn't happen unless one laid an egg on the ground. I usually just wet the egg with warm water then wipe it. Usually we just rinse our eggs with warm water before we use them. Its really all based on your preference

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