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Jan 16, 2010
I'm not for sure where the right place is to post this, and more than likely it will be deleted. I guess Eggbid has finely gone out of business so if you had poultry listed on there or if you were bidding on some you may want to check it out and make sure, but I have not been able to find there link in over 2 hrs, I know they were having problems with it and I also heard last night that they were going to shut it down. So they may have already done it.
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There are other Poultry Auction sites just don't know if we can put the links on the BYC if interested you can P.M me and I can give you some of the other Auction links.
we are in the process of starting one.....we are working with some of the top breeders to get it off to a good start and we will have free listings for a limited time so everyone can try it out...... Hope to have it running by this weekend.
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I’m a loyal backyard chicken hobbyist, and I appreciate this site. I watched eggbid for a long time and occasionally bought birds in their auctions. Eggbid had a lot of problems: no customer service, a clunky bidding system, an overactive spam filter that kept out legitimate bidders, and an unattractive format for posting auctions. Chickens are my hobby but websites are what I do for a living. So, my team created a professional auction site that hopefully can serve this community well.

If you're interested, please check out: We're waiving all auction fees for the time being, to help build a registration base and to provide support and relief for all the folks dealing with the fallout of Eggbid shutting down.

Thanks all.
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