Eggless for a month


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Mar 10, 2011
Tucson, AZ.
Hi I have a question. I have three hens and they have been all eggless for about a month now. They are about a year and a half now, and we haven't had problems like this before. My Buff Orpington just got over a bout of EYP, and my Sex link just came out of a molt, but we have been eggless from my Plymouth Rock for a month now, before we were at least getting shell-less eggs from my PR. We had changed their feed earlier in the summer, but we decided to change them back about a month ago, we've been giving them fresh water every day, and we free range them in the evening for about an hour and we keep an eye on them because we have hawks in our neighborhood. Does anyone have any advice?
Thanks, a friend recommended that we go back to straight pellet for a couple of weeks. Apparently, we take too good of care of our chickens, between the food, the scratch, and the sprouts we grow for our girls (not a lot of green stuff in our Tucson backyard!) Thanks for the link though!

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