Eggs about to hatch. I am so stupid!!

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    Apr 18, 2007
    Well we have a hen that is sitting on some eggs. There are bound to hatch in about 2 days. We are going away about a week after they hatch for 3 days. We are not sure how to take care of them when they hatch and we don't know what to do while we are gone. Please help us. After they hatch what should we do with the mom and what should we do with them. How do we feed them and how do we leave them for three days? They will be 1 week old when we leave. [​IMG]

    Any advice is thankful and Any suggestions are helpful!![​IMG]
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    Is there someone you can get to come over and check on them? That wold be ideal. If not....I would say...a 5 gallong feeder and waterer. Make sure there are pebbles in the waterer for the little ones, so they dont drown. Also, make sure they have PLENTY room and are predator safe! If any predator is around, and does not see movement of humans, they will get pretty bold. I hope you can get someone to take care of them for you. Good luck!

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