eggs and shell comin at different times??

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12 Years
Nov 17, 2007
Hi all my backyard sex a link x's all of a sudden have become very slowmoving and sedentary. they will come out of coop in a.m and then kinda stand around.Droppings are watery and off greenish and this afternoon i saw one hen wandering around with an empty egg shell hangin out her vent i picked her up to have alook and she let go of the shell followed by the yolk and white of the egg,which smelled off and even my dog wouldnt eat it.The birds are only about 9 mos old nothing new,, or new feed goin on.They were fine until 2days ago first one and now another????any advice or ideas would be appreciated thanx
Sounds like a rubbery egg. Are you giving them a complete layer feed and oyster shell on the side? Sounds like a vitaminD/calcium defficency if multiple birds are showing symptoms of soft shelled eggs. Sometimes they do make a mistake though regardless of diet. Keep an eye on them. Green poo is a sign of not eating, could have been egg bound if listless, and stinky means it may have been stuck for a while. Best check to make sure it all made it out.
if the broken egg contents were inside her, she might need an antibiotic..
such as Baytril, or maybe PenG-procaine.

agree with silkiechicken..something not right with their diet..
what all are you feeding them?
if isn't sufficient, and should be viewed as a treat to be given before roost to help generate body heat., or to train.

a crushed Tums sprinkled in her feed might help.
and plain yogurt can help give a calcium boost.
thanx as for feed they are on an organic layer ration 17% and also get scratch, and oyster shell is available at all times, as well as hen seems to be ok now but one is looking worse i had a good look at her today and all seems ok food in her crop,,and i put her head into the waterer and shee did drink?????????i dunno what to do??

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