Eggs are freezing before I can collect them


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First winter with my girls. They are still laying and the coop seems to be providing them with a comfortable place in spite of cold weather. My problem is that in these really cold patches, I am not getting eggs before they freeze. I even had three this morning that had frozen and cracked.

Obviously, collecting them before they freeze would be ideal, but not always possible - the henslay throughout the day and night. Anyone have any suggestions for providing a slightly warmer nesting box? I am not providing external heat, and really do not want to. I do have a heated dog bowl for their water which works great.

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What is your stocking density? Is your coop insulated? Are your egg boxes located where the wind blows?

Large commercial egg farms in the north heat and insulate their coops for a reason.
The coop is two sections, each about 4 x 4 or so, side by side and insulated, protected from winds, but not heated. There is no artificial light. Nest box has hay but it is not very deep. Coop is well ventilated but not windy.

May not be an answer to the freezing eggs other than collecting more rapidly, but was wondering about different type of nesting material, a next box heater, etc.

I only have 4 hens and my rooster, and the nest is setting ina protected corner on deep litter bedding (shavings).
Hi, the weather is really nice here in Texas. It is almost 70 degrees here today. Move to Texas.
Obviously you need to find a practical way to keep the coop warmer if you want to collect unfrozen eggs. Personally, I would consider adding a 25 Watt hooded light bulb light on a timer over the nesting area to keep the coop warm during the day. Your birds are probably not laying at night.
I found a frozen egg yesterday. Since it is not a daily occurrence and it had a huge crack, I just boiled it and fed it to my dog...
And the chicken laid it on a nice, big heap of straw inside the coop! It was awful chilly and windy outside
If you collect the eggs before dusk, you'll get them before it gets coldest and most of them should be fine. Hens don't lay at night, but some do start pretty early in the am. If you can get there before work and before bed that should help.

I have lots of shavings or hay for beddding in my nest boxes. Don't know if that keeps them warmer or not? Pretty mild climate here.
I use the pine shavings, and sometimes get frozen eggs...
if you leave them on the counter, mine can still use them...or feed them back to the chickens...
they love scrambled eggs!

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