Eggs arrived in sad conditions...


Happy New Year! 🙄🤚
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Feb 7, 2020
I love the NR360! One of my favorite incubators 💜 From what I can tell, the air cells look pretty good for the way everything initially looked. It seems like a few are saddled, but that's generally not going to be a huge issue as long as you rest them. I'll tag an amazingly knowledgeable and kind young lady that may have more info to share @MGG
Oh no, I missed this!!!
I'm sooooo sorry!


Oct 28, 2021
I hope you filed a claim with the post office. I got eggs in better shape, but with detached air cells and the usps gave me my money back.
Usually they only want to deal with the sender. I suggested to him to file a claim with the post office but don't know if he ever did but I did waste about $45 in total on mostly smashed eggs... Royal mail have a policy against live animals. I feel kind of bad for ordering pond snails and the FIrst Class package with URGENT! LIVE ANIMALS stickers all over it arrived 10 days late instead of next day... My fault I guess for trusting the public postal system.


Oct 17, 2021
@kaleighmarie1213 how is it going?
I'm sorry you had some losses, but unfortunately it happens.
I am about to candle for day 10 tonight. But so far only losses once I began incubation were Brahma C and Brahma D. Well, C wasn't even fertile to begin with I don't think. But D had a blood ring form by day 7.

So I started with 9, lost 1 to blood ring/early death, 1 never started. The other 7 doing well as of last night when I checked for movement and development! I'll update here shortly when I candle and mark down my notes.

I do have a Hatch-A-Long going with lots of daily updates. 🥰🐣

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