Eggs eggs eggs... Questions. Please Offer Input


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Feb 21, 2009
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#1.When they have light veining could that mean there not gonna make it?
#2. 3 of the eggs I got from across country have started weeping small amounts of yellowish stuff from there pores. Should I throw these away now?

#3.Ok my next problem is I have 40 eggs in my LG still air incubator and I just got a phone call from someone who said she has some banty and ee eggs that her daughter spent the past couple days gathering for me, they will be 3-5 days when I get them on thursday... what on earth am I gonna do with these eggs , should I try to fit 12 more eggs in my LG? Do you think I should trust my Homemade incubator with them.... ( I was gonna use it as a hatcher seeing as I have 3 diffrent dates of eggs in the LG quite on accident I might add.
My one test egg that was cracked and wasnt sapose to grow on day 11
14 RIR mix eggs that I had to set cause I coudnt wait any longer for the eggs I orderd to come on day 7.
24 eggs I got shipped from NH on day 2.
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Yes, deffinitely get the weeping eggs out of the bator!! They will explode and ruin all the other eggs!

Light veining could mean that the embryo has died. Wait a few more days and check those again, to see if they are still alive. Check for moving and such.

Do you have a turner in your LG? If not, the other eggs should still fit. Did you remove any clear eggs yet? I don't know what day you are one, but if it's after day 10 you can take any eggs out that look clear and toss them. This would give you more room. Fresh eggs can sit for over a week before they should be set, so you could wait a little while to set them.


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Jun 1, 2008
yes, I agree, get the weeping eggs out asap......
I have had 2 things happen with light veining. 1) the veins pull away from the side of the egg, egg is no good. 2) had them grow and be fine, just took a little extra time to establish themselves.
I wouldn't worry about the new eggs, that is probably enough time for you to pull all the *bad* eggs from your current hatch. Or, you can do what I do. If I suspect eggs are no good (no weepers, just not seeing good veining) and put those in the homemade bator. This way it frees up space in the *good* bator and gives me a chance to make sure the *bad* eggs are really bad

good luck


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Feb 1, 2009
If her daughter went to the trouble of geting thelm for you so way so how you got to set thelm if anyway that you can i went through this last year some i could set some i could not those i could not (for timeing) reasons did get mad luckly this year my bators are full till late may but if a kid come up with something i ll have to figure out something. Good luck and for sure get out the bad one.

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