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    Mar 27, 2011
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    We got our new birds one week ago today. We have three Polish mix hens. The first one laid that afternoon. She lays almost every day.

    We also have a Japanese Bantam trio and the girls take turns. They have not missed a day. We are going to wait until the weather warms up a little more before letting them sit. So far no sign of the little ones being broody so we aren't letting the eggs go to waste. They make good little hard boiled snacks.

    We picked up a pair of lavender guineas too. Yesterday, there was a pointy little egg in the pen with the Polish mix girls. It was really close to the fence on the guineas' side though, like it rolled through the fence. It also has a rougher texture than the other chicken eggs. Today there was an egg IN the guinea pen!! The guy we brought them from said they're 'last years' guineas' and should start laying any time.

    Guess I need to start doing some research on raising keets now.

    Question - If the female is laying, does that mean the male is old enough to be fertile?
    Another question - Until we decide to let them there a taste difference between chicken and guinea eggs? I'm going to find out soon enough on my own, just curious what others think...
    Bottom to top - Polish girls' eggs, we have 2 laying and one's egg is quite a bit bigger.
    Japanese Bantam eggs - they're laying machines!!
    Guinea eggs!!!!

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