Eggs go in the next boxes ladies!

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    Mar 17, 2008
    Ugh, this is frustrating. Of the 12 birds, about half are using the next boxes like nice girls. The other half insist on laying eggs outside, from their roost, wherever. Before they started I put yellow golf balls in the nest to try to train them. Apparently some of them couldn't get it. I have 6 nest boxes all in a row, and they only use the 3 furthest from the door.
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    Try clumping 3 fake eggs together in one nest box like a clutch. Some of mine want to lay where others have laid. (or where they think others have laid) and some want empty nest boxes.

    ETA: All of mine also prefer the 2 fake eggs over the golf ball. They will steal a fake egg from another box.
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    I think nest boxes go in and out of style. Yesterday they all laid in a corner of the coop next to a feed bag. No one laid in a nest although they have been doing so for months. Maybe it has something to do with where the "popular" girls lay their eggs.
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    I would suggest you examine the boxes and why they may not want to use them. Are they too big or too small for your breed(s), too shallow, too brightly lit, in an area that is too busy (near food and water), or maybe there is something about the bedding. Just some things to consider.

    How old are your chickens? If they've just begun laying, it takes a while to get the hang of it. At first, our pullets mostly laid everywhere but the boxes. Over time, they learned to prefer the boxes and will wait for the box they like if it's in use. We still get an egg on the floor every once in a while. I think it sneaks up on them sometimes; in a way it's a lot like potty training a toddler![​IMG]

    I agree with the other post regarding a clutch of fake eggs to entice them. Best of luck "box training" your girls!
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    I have been raising chickens for about 6 years now.With several coops and ton's of nest boxes there always seemd to be numerous hens that would make nest in odd places.I had some hens which roosted in the horse stall where ducks and geese slept at night.They made their own little private nest's there a couple would lay behind trash cans where We Kept feed.We kept a large stable box converted for the duck's there and a plastic shipping tote from local store and a few of the hen's there would share that. Hubby found clutches of egg's in his lawn sweeper, some behind stored fence panel's and several other places Once on his lawn tractor seat in shed.Frizzle hen had been going under hole under door:D.It was like Easter everyday:lol:.Sometimes if I found odd nesting places I would just put down some hay for them if they have found the spot comfy most likely they are going to lay there for a while.When We first got our first RIR"S WE put golf ball's in the nest boxe's.HMMM once the hen's did start laying they picked the boxe's that didn't have the ball's.I think chicken's learn pretty much on thier own.

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