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My Maran eggs just arrived and I've set them out to come up to room temp. they were shipped on Saturday so they're at least 2 days old. When should I put them in the incubator? I also have some Aracana eggs coming in and I was going to set them in the incubator together. The marans got here earlier than I anticipated so now I'm really confused! Should I put the marans in tonight or wait another day? Also, after the Aracanas come in, can I add them to my incubator if I'm fast and careful? Thanks for your help! I'm a first time chicken mama, as you can probably tell...
Let the Marans come to room temp and if the others are only going to be a day behind you can probably start the Marans and pop the latecomers in.

Once the Marans are at room temp put them in the bator and just don't turn them for the first few days.
I'm going on what several other members have said.

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Re: How long should shipped eggs sit before incubating

If the eggs are cool when they arrive, I let them sit 8-12 hours and then put them in the incubator with the turner shut off for 2-3 days.

During the summer when the eggs arrive, usually they are warm, I put them straight in the incubator but leave the turner off for 2-3 days. If by chance the heat made the eggs start developing, why let them cool off.
Thanks for your help! I'll wait until later this evening to put them in the bator. They've been sitting quietly (out of the packing) since noon today. I think I'm going to buy another inexpensive bator to transfer the marans to for the last 3 days in lock-down. Aracanas can stay in their own bator when they're ready for lockdown. I want to get the marans to start ASAP so I don't lose any. The aracanas will just have to be a few days younger than their room mates. : ) Any thoughts?

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