Eggs in Fridge then BACK out (urgent question)

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    I keep my eggs on the counter in a basket. I get a lot of eggs each day and I have read they last longer out of the fridge. I packed up a dozen for a friend and left them on the counter at my grandmother's house so I could swing by there after work without totting them along. My grandmother unknowingly placed them in the fridge for roughly 1-1.5 hours before I told her they were okay to be left out on the counter as they were.

    Will this ruin the eggs?

    Is it okay to now keep them out of the fridge now since it was a short time or should I put them back in?
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    No need to worry or stress over that sort of time period.
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    Thank you! I just didn't want my friend to end up sick or anything!
    As you can see, I am fairly new to this egg-laying thing [​IMG]
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    They will last a long time in the counter as long as they are not washed to remove the bloom. They actually will last longer in the fridge though. The problem happens when bacteria gets inside. The bloom, a coating the hen puts on the egg, is not perfect but it does a great job on keeping the bacteria out.

    The warmer the egg the faster that bacteria multiples if it does get inside. Since the fridge is cooler than your countertop, the eggs will last even longer in there even if bacteria gets inside. If bacteria never gets inside they will last a ridiculously long time either place.

    The problem with refrigerating eggs and taking them out is that you can get condensation on the eggs. That condensation may wash the bloom away, giving bacteria a route inside. Bacteria still has to be present to get inside so it’s not like an instant disaster. And the eggs will last a pretty good time anyway at what I think your countertop temperatures probably are. But after I refrigerate and egg I never leave it out again because of the condensation.
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