eggs may be too hot


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May 18, 2011
i have got 6 eggs in a incubatour i put them in last night:rolleyes: and i have got the temprature to 38c last night and this morning but when i got back from work the temp was 45c will the eggs be no good now thanks
I would keep going just to be safe, because of all the stories I read about on here where the temps mess up just temporarily and they get some hatching.

But I would smell your eggs every day- just lean down and sniff just to be safe. I do this anyway. And candle a couple of times during your incubation period, as the rotten ones can explode.

Just my opinion. I have only incubated three times (three and a half, as I put them under a broody once).

Here's a search- look at how many people had this problem too and you can see it is common:

Also, one time when I was moving to MO, the temp during the day was 111 degrees. There are places in the USA where it might get to 113 outside. I wouldn't think all the chicken eggs would die then, but who knows? I am speculating.
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