Eggs moving for two days yesterday hatch date, no chicks. HELP!


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I have about 14 eggs in my bator and yesterday was their hatch date. I have noticed that a few have moved around quite a bit. There is no peeping or piping, and i just need to know what to do, should i help them or what?

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Make sure you read some of the good information in the Sticky thread "Incubating and Hatching Eggs Important Topic Index" especially under "to intervene or not to intervene".

I've had hatches not happen until a good two days past their due date. And I've intervened too early and lost chicks/ducklings that might have made it given a little more time. One excellent reminder is that the chicks absorb their yolk for a couple of days while working on getting out of their shells and when they are quiet the are quite often just resting. It is so hard to be patient, but is usually worth the wait (I have to admit that I still always worry way more than I need to throughout the whole process).

Hope all is well and there are happy rewards soon.
Well, yesterday the humidity was 60, today its 59. The temp has been at a steady 99.

They are moving quite a bit.
Your temps and humidity sound right on and movement is great. Nothing to do now but sit on your hands and wait. Unfortunately those little buggers aren't told about the proper hatch date so sometimes they can take their sweet time
HI chick123600 iv just pulled out my Brinsea octagon 20 Advanced high performance egg incubator instructions out that say's on hatching day 65% RH or more iv used this twice and both times iv done this so might work for you to up your RH to 65%.

keep us posted

Upping your humidity won't get them to hatch any sooner. The humidity keeps the membrane soft while the chick hatches, if it's too low the membrane can dry out and the chick can get stuck. The general rule of thumb is between 60 - 65% so I wouldn't worry about upping the humidity unless you see that the membrane looks very dry once they pip and actually start to hatch.
What type of incubator do you have? I have a piece of flexible tubing running into my water container so that I don' t have to open the bator. If there's a way to set that up now before they start to pip that would be good... Otherwise do it as quickly as possible and try to plan ahead and do it now if necessary so you don't have to add water once they've started pipping. You really shouldn't have trouble with dried out membranes as long as the humidity is in the right place going into the hatch so I wouldn't worry too much about it.
I have a circulated Little Giant. They haven't moved at all today. Two have piped. This is my first hatch so I'm super excited.
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