Eggs not turned for about a week and best hatch yet!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by kaffleck, Sep 22, 2010.

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    Aug 11, 2009
    I've just had my best hatch of all time even though my incubator wasn't turning for a good few days in the incubating period. The alarm kept going off and I thought it was because the heat had dropped. Took me several days (at least 7!) to work out what was wrong! I turned them myself for the last 5 days (days 14 - 19).
    I also lowered the temperature a notch with this hatch as I was getting earlies that would pip through and then quit. I lowered it from 37.5C to 36.5C. I don't have a second thermometer though so it could be that the thermostat is a little out on the incubator. It's a Brinsea Mini Advance (although not so Advanced now it doesn't turn [​IMG]).
    I had 5 eggs in there, 2 bantams and 3 full size. The bantams started hatching early as predicted on day 20. Yesterday was day 21 and one of the bantams made it out by itself easily and 2 of the big'uns. The other bantam I helped out at midnight as it hadn't progressed at all for 36 hours or so. It had been coming out the wrong end too and just didn't seem able to get it's beak back up to the shell where it had been zipping. I'm glad I helped it. Egg 5 had pipped at the wrong end too so I just made it's air hole bigger and stuck it back in the 'bator. It's out this evening with a bit more help (although I wish I'ld left it as the yoke wasn't fully absorbed) and it's resting in the 'bator for tonight. The other 4 are in the brooder all fluffy, noisy and cute!
    I'll post pics tomorrow. But yey! 5 out of 5! I've only managed a max of 2 before!

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