eggs with no shell! HELP!!


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May 30, 2013
I have a 25 week Barred Rock who has been laying about a month now. She usually lays late in the afternoon and they are beautiful brown eggs with a hard shell. (Her 1st two eggs had no shell.)

For 5 days now she has been laying shelless eggs. The membrane is intact but no shell at all. They look and feel like water balloons. Funny thing is... they are laid outside the nesting box????

She has been on layer pellets for 6 weeks or so and has access to calcium chips.
Today she may have had her feathers puffed up a bit but otherwise acting quite normal.

Any idea why this would happen all of the sudden?
New layers take some time for their bodies to adjust to laying. As long as she has access to oyster shell, she will work it out and her eggs will become normal again.
I hope so....
She was just laying beautiful eggs for a few weeks not no real eggs for about a week.

I'm very worried.
I think it's harder for a pullet to pass an egg without a shell, thus the puffed up feathers. My BSL looked absolutely miserable when she was trying to pass a rubber egg. Hopefully, your girl will get straightened out.
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I found two rubber eggs under her roost this AM. There was also a large amount of droppings. Is this because she is pushing to hard?
How can her body produce two in one night?

She is acting totally normal and looks great. I've read online that sometimes this can work itself out.

How long do I give her? I would hate to cull a bird that may improve.
She is such a sweetie.
Help, I don't think my hen (isa brown) is having the same issue because she's 2 years old and has been a good layer all this time. For the last few weeks we have only found a couple of shell less eggs from her. I suspect the others have been eaten. This morning she was trying to pass one that had clearly broken inside her. Poor thing. I don't know what to do for her. They have shell grit and free range and receive a mix of layer pellets, wheat, scraps and free range hen mix.

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